Brisbanes Longest Running Skirmish Field

Paintball in Brisbane: Skirmish Samford Paintball - The Place to Play Paintball.

Skirmish Samford Paintball opened its gates in 1986.
We were the first field in Brisbane to bring paintball to the public.
It was originally named Samford Snipers, over a period the name changed to Skirmish Samford and then to as it is now named Skirmish Samford Paintball.
Equipment changes evolution

Paintball guns
We started out with Sheridan bolt action rifles with a 10-round inline magazine. A heavy, wooden stock early paintball gun.
We then moved to the Sheridan pump action. This paintball gun had a 20-round magazine and a pump action which increased the firepower available to players
The Sheridan’s were replaced by Tippmann SL68 pump action that had a 40-round magazine that were lighter, faster, and carried a larger paintball capacity, an industry standard for a long time around the world.
Then came along the Tippmann Pro carbine that was semi auto and a 200-round magazine. This change in gun mechanics from pump action to semi-auto fell in line with the natural evolution of paintball guns across the world at the time. The increased firepower, paintball capacity and strong, sturdy platform could stand up to the rigors of rental use and providing a lot more fun and action for the public.
The Tippman guns were replaced with BT-4 Combat a semi auto with 200-round magazine. The BT4 brought forward this next generation of paintball gun with a more enduring design that built upon previous refinements allowing a ruggedised paintball shooting platform whilst maintaining a tactical aesthetic. These paintball guns are still used today along with the use of the Eclipse Emek, a new breed of semi-auto paintball gun with a 200 round Magazine.

Paintball goggle
Paintball originally started with Norton safety glasses, these were then quickly superseded with JT Face masks such as X-Fire? Providing much more face protection than just the rudimentary shielding of the eyes.
Today we use the latest version of the JT Goggles, the JT Premise. This goggle system specifically designed for paintball allows for a good range of vision and breathability while providing the durability to stand up to the rigors of modern paintball.

The Field

Skirmish Samford Paintball field has evolved over the years from simple stick barricades in the bush to a purpose-built multidimensional paintball experience. With features such as the iconic 3 level fort dominating the main hill to bridges, tunnels, trenches, and the unique mechatronic bunkers that were the first and still the only ones in the world.

Skirmish Samford paintball is the longest running paintball field in Brisbane, and we are proud of achievements we have over the years setting a high level of paintball fun for you.

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