Brisbanes Longest Running Skirmish Field

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) can be found here . Feel free to contact us if your questions not listed.

Skirmish Samford is Brisbane’s longest running skirmish / paintball park.
Ongoing develop of the skirmish game and the park has help us to provide you with the best skirmish experience on offer.
Our goal is to provide you with the best skirmish experience at the best possible price.
Check out our photos and the videos to see the park you won’t be disappointed.

At Skirmish Samford , the minimum age to play  is 15 years.  Proof of age may be required.

After arrival your group will sign in and pick the induvial packages they prefer.
Then after the safety talk you will be split into 2 teams
You will play around 4 skirmish games then come in for a well deserved break
After the break you will go out for the final session which mat be up to 8 games
So plenty of action awaits.

Games vary in length of time.
They can be as long as 20 minutes to as short as 5 minutes.
There are breaks to catch a drink, relax and tell tall stories

Enclosed footwear (no smooth soles or heels).
Players must have fully enclosed footwear to play.
Clothes suggest gym style wear as uniform is provided
Suggest a towel for the end of the session.
Your own drinking water if you wish. Drinks are available at the serving desk.
Younger players proof of age may be required, so bring along some ID

At first, there is a lot of excitement and anticipation.
The action then begins.
When a paintball splats near you, your heart starts to beat faster.
You retaliate by smacking a terrific shot into his googles, or you miss!!
The firefight is still going on.
It’s pretty cool.

Not quite as much as you may believe!
Once you are in the action it just becomes part of the game

Ladies, don’t remember that you get free breast and back protection as well as gloves.
Cups to preserve the family jewels are available for purchase, gentlemen!

Bottled Water, soft drinks and sports drinks available for sale
No alcohol before or during the session.
Chips and chocolates are also available 

Certainly not! You may have spotted the gigantic fort, combat bunker, and iron dome while browsing this site.
These are only a minor part of the entire investment made on your paintballing experience’s and combat grounds.
We provide thrilling battlegrounds that are unrivalled in Brisbane, as well as playing equipment and a commitment to providing authentic genuine paintball.
We set the bar for others to strive towards, making us the envy of our peers. It’s entirely up to you!
A fantastic day spent with us, or wishing your game had taken place with us.

The Location and the Fields of Play…

The equipment…as well as our knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful staff.

Every facet of our facilities has been designed to provide you the greatest possible experience.

1. As a customer, you will have the opportunity to experience the Mechatronic Battle Bunker and Iron Dome, which are the only ones of their kind in the world and represent a significant investment in the game of paintball for you. They feature both light, sound, and special effects and are the only ones of their kind in the world.

2. We are the only field that provides free pre-treatment of each goggles with an anti-fog wipe; other fields fee for this service.
3. You may be certain that Skirmish Samford is the only field in SEQ that does not allow walk-on players to bring their own firearms onto the field and utilise you as conscripts for their own gain.

4. Skirmish Samford is a complete skirmish / paintball facility. Staff are on hand to ensure that pauses in the session are restful, while also taking care of your rental equipment. Our team cleans and re-applies anti-fog to the goggles, re-gasses the weapons, and squeegees the barrels. This is the only company that provides this degree of customer service.

5. Since 1988, it has been independently owned and run.

BT-4 Combat Semi Autos are the most dependable and trustworthy paintball gun, also we have upgrade barrels and guns available
There are only two things to be concerned about when you have one of them in your hands.
Getting the opposing team’s attention and, of course, having a good time!

JT Premise Thermal Anti Fog Goggles are also included, as we solely care about your comfort.
We know that’s what you want based on our expertise and understanding.
The JT Premise provides comprehensive face protection as well as great visability.
We also apply the greatest anti-fog technology on the market.
This combo will ensure that you have clear eyesight and have a great time while playing.

We never compromise on the quality of our equipment, service, or experience that we provide to our consumers.

Skirmish / Paintball
So What’s the difference between the two? Two distinct titles for the same game.

Skirmish was the original name for the game. Paintball was eventually coined as a more acceptable term.

The games go ahead because of our unique terrain which allows for water to dissipate quickly off the playing fields.
In addition we apply special anti-fogging wipes onto the goggle lenses to help keep your vision clear.

A little bit of rain changes the dynamics for an intensified alternate level of game play.

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