Brisbanes Longest Running Skirmish Field

Battle Bunker

Skirmish Samford Paintball's Battle Bunker is the first interactive paintball bunker in the world

At Skirmish Samford, the next step in paintball has come. The best paintballing experience in Brisbane has just gotten a whole lot more interactive. With six firing ports ensuring an interlocking defensive fire, the “Battle Bunker” immerses the player in the combat. The assaulting team must take advantage of its lone weakness, which is on the front side.

The Individual blast doors on the 6 firing ports can be closed with well-placed shots, denying the defenders their commanding defensive fire. When all six blast doors are closed, the firing ports become inactive. After that, the invading force must take out the Rapier Air Defense system atop the Battle Bunker.

TThe subsequent explosion and collapse of the “Battle Bunker” will leave a gap in the defensive lines for the assaulting team to exploit, ensuring the success of “Operation Grand Slam,” and forcing the defenders to flee back up the tunnel to the Fort’s last stand. Can your forces defeat the “Battle Bunker” and win the game?

The Battle Bunker in action

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