Brisbanes Longest Running Skirmish Field

Skirmish Samford

Brisbane Paintball Events and Super Specials only at Skirmish Samford


We hold a couple of special events each year.  So check on our Facebook page for these paintball events and our monthly club day.

Every 3rd Sunday in the morning we hold our Samford club day.

Please check our club Facebook page as these are subject to change:

The club day is morning event and is separate to the normal group sessions.

If you have had a few games of paintball and want to to take your play to the next level, then this day will be the session for you. 
Here’s is some further information below:

What is expected
  • You can clean your own goggles.
  • You can clean your equipment. 
  • Cleaning equipment for the above.
  • You can reload your own Pods. 
What you can Bring along
  • Your own registered paintball gun 
  • Your own paintball air bottle (must be in test)
  • Your own goggles , harness, loaders, pods etc.
What you can’t bring
  • Paintballs.
  • Under length paintball guns .
What you can hire
  • Paintball gun
  • Paintball Mask
  • Paintball Harness 

Check it out on the clubs Facebook page

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