Skirmish Samford

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The place to play skirmish / paintball

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Skirmish Samford

skirmish paintball players attacking the paintball fort

Skirmish Samford is were paintball started in Brisbane back in 1988.

Skirmish Samford experience paintball that is fun, the rush, the exhilaration, the elevated heart rate, the adrenalin .

No other paintball field has what Skirmish Samford has and that is the Battle Bunker and the Iron Dome.

In addition to the Multiple battlefields that feature special effects and real armored military vehicles.

Plus the Wilderness and Urban Combat Zones and massive Fort complexes. Pill boxes, fortified positions and base camps.

With multiple bridges, tunnel networks, trench systems and a whole lot more

Skirmish Samford the place to play paintball are Brisbane's paintball Leaders.

Fun Fact: Skirmish and Paintball different word for the same game

Why Skirmish Samford

paintball player firing behind bunker hut

Because it's FUN!!!

Paintball at Skirmish Samford will give you and your mate the most awesome Paintball experience in Brisbane for all occasions — including birthdays, bucks parties & corporate events, in addition we offer the best value Paintball in Brisbane,Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Why play at Paintball at Skirmish Samford ?

It’s Simple…

Best value pricing to suit all budgets and events

Monthly Specials that offer even more.

The highest quality paintball gear you can find.

Truly passionate about paintball and are confident in delivering you an experience like no other.

Innovated structures that are exclusive to Skirmish Samford.

Professional and safe approach.

Individually owned and operated.

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