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Paintball Celebrations
We accomodate for.... Everyone!!

paintball party for everyone.

*Remember to play you must be minimum of 15 years and if required proof of age

Parties for:

Celebrate With A Difference...Bucks and Hens Parties

samford skirmish buck party photo wall

Want to have a memorable bucks or hens party?Well this is our forte! Since the beginning of time Skirmish Samford has proven to be extremely popular with everybody who plays.

For the buck or hen we also offer a FREE T-shirt. Many of the party members like to sign the shirt as a memory from the wonderful day.

Invite your family, get your mates, it is simply awesome fun and a fantastic way to bring the crew together and not to mention 'break the ice'.

Your future-father-in-law may not endorse or be a fan of strippers, but we are sure he will have a blast at Skirmish Samford.

Also we support Bucks being in costume, so let the lols and good times roll.

Birthday Celebrations

birthday party getting they're picture taken at the samford paintball booth

Birthdays at Skirmish Samford is a fantastic way to get everyone together. It's an extremely popular choice for 15 & 16 year old's as they are finally of legal age to hit the battle fields. After the games are finished you can enjoy our facilities with lots of picnic style tables, just bring your own food and beverages and don't forget the cake to round off the perfect day of birthday celebrations.

Please note all players must be 15 years and over to play. Under 18 year old players check themselves in and complete their own forms just the same. No parental consent forms are needed at Skirmish Samford.

The games have full supervision and are kept under control so if any guests or parents wish to pop down the road to a cafe in Samford Village it is only 5 minutes away.


End Of Season Team Breakup
Paintball Celebrations

end of season group picture taken in samford paintball photo booth

When team seasonal events are finished for another year, why not before splitting ways have one last team get together with end of season team breakup celebrations.

Playing paintball for an end of season break up celebration reinforces friendships and helps to build stronger bonds between clubs and sport teams. Have a look at the information packs and phone for details. The great thing is you will see you team all out amongst the field, having a ball and playing hard together. It builds the team spirit and creates fun memories - which will in turn get them back on to the field together next season.

If you wish to relax and have a picnic or award ceremony after the games we have facilities which can accommodate for this. Plenty of picnic style tables for the team so all you need to bring is BYO meals and beverages.

Celebrate your Social, Work, Sports Club or Christmas Event

christmas paintball party group in photo booth

Are you the social events planner for your work or sports club? Or are you needing to arrange a Christmas or social celebration for your team? Look no further we can host for any of the above style of get togethers.
All fitness, ages (over 15+) and personality's can have a blast by playing paintball.

The young and spritely can bolt out on the attack, whilst the older and slightly more sluggish can craftly set up the defences.
It's up to you and your team to work out your strategic plan, you can be a sneaky sniper or can be in the frontline attack, its absolute high energy fun.

It will be a social event or celebration that will be spoken about for years ahead.
Skirmish Samford has the best service and facilities, the most thrilling fields and top notch quality playing equipment.
Our safety standards are of a high level so you can be at ease.

Rations for the Crew!
Catering for your party and common questions

pleanty of paintball party options here is a picture of hens getiiing ready to paintball

Do we have a seating picnic area for after the game?
Yes, we have plenty of covered picnic area seating.

Do we have BBQ Facilities?
No we don't, but you are welcome to bring your own BBQ or another option is pizza delivery:

Pizza Capers: 3289 3522
(Open Time 12:00pm) or

Dominos Pizza: 3289 2449
(Open Time 11:00am) these are both at Samford and they will deliver straight to the premises.

Do we have EFTPOS?
Yes, we do have EFTPOS but we do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards.

What are our Uniform Sizes?
Our uniform sizes are Small to 7-XL therefore we cater for majority of players.

Do I need ID?
All players must be 15 years of age to play so proof of idea will be required for those applicable.

How long to do the games go for?
A game session will be for 3 hours, in this time we play twelve or more games and minimum 5-6 maps.
The games are varied as are the scenarios and the terrain.