Skirmish Samford

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Skirmish Samford Location


Skirmish Samford Location

Our entrance is only accessible from Mt Samson Rd.

We recommend "Google Maps" as the best way to find us. Simply search "Skirmish Samford" hit Google Maps and the directions will bring you straight to our front gate. Google Maps will show you how to get to us, it will show alternatives routes, distance, even estimated travel time. 

If your old school the best GPS Coordinates to enter are "Junction of Parker Road & Mount Samson Road" Suburb: "Yugar" Please do not put in a street number. We are street number 321 but also Lot number 1886 and different systems sometimes take you to lot 321 or street number 1886. Our driveway is on "Mount Samson Road" and is 100 metres north bound past Parker Road. Look for the yellow fence and the big red 321 on the yellow sign.

Rural Lot markers (yellow numbered post in front of each Property) are along Mount Samson Road, we are number 1886.
Watch out for these as they will let you know when you are close by.

A great tip when coming via Samford Road from the City! Make a right turn at the round-a-bout into Main Street, Samford village. It is the only roundabout on all of Samford Road so you will notice it.There is also "Caltex" service station on the corner of the roundabout (This is the only service station in the Samford area).

Main Street becomes Mount Samson Road at the end of the Samford Village and we are about 4kms (5 minutes) out of town on the left hand side. It is important you mention this to your team as this is a regular error which occurs with many of our new players.