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Player Equipment

showing the standard paintball equipment for skirmish samford

Skirmish / Paintball requires specialized equipment so at Skirmish Samford, we have the best Paintball Gun for the field:

Paintball Gun
The Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Combat Paintball Gun is a tough and compact woods-ball powerhouse! The BT-4 Combat paintball marker has been a player favourite for years due to its durable aluminium clamshell construction and reliable in-line blow-back system.The Bt-4 Combat is the standard rental gun on all packages.

Also the Bt-4 combat has a 200 rnd hopper and a carbon fibre air tank that is light weight and gives constant velocities.In addition if you want better accuracy then the optional carbon fibre barrel is for you at just $10.00 upgrade.

The JT Premise Goggle System is the adaptation of design and expertise from over 30 years of paintball goggle manufacturing by JT Paintball. The result is a goggle loaded with high-end features found only in paintball goggles 5 times the cost.
In addition we apply special anti fog coating before you play.

Military standard, they are rip stop and have tactical elbow and knee reinforcement. These paintball uniforms are tough and practical. Also for the ladies we have Body Armour available.

Harness /Vest
Have been designed to be tough and practical or on the Tac Pac you receive a tactical paintball vest that has been designed to be tough, tactical and practical.

Empire paintballs superb quality and constant fill makes it a perfect choice for the player. Also they are most environment friendly paintball on the market.

Optional extras
Fingerless Gloves, Neck Guards, Groin Cups

Like our battlefields we want you to look tough as when you paintballing with us. Remember too bring some good running shoes, or outdoor shoes/boots so you will have plenty of traction as you move from cover to cover!

Optional Upgrades

paintball gun upgrade available from mild to wild

Skirmish / Paintball Samford also proudly offers a range of upgrade guns and accessories. Take a look at the 9 levels of upgrades, we've got you covered if you want to just sit back and sniper, or unleash hell! There is a level of whoop ass for every situation.

Sniper Barrel $10 upgrade

This improves range and accuracy and can be fitted to any of our guns standard or upgrade. It also makes the gun a lot quieter. A very effective upgrade, switch out from the stock barrel with an after market upgrade barrel.

GOG ENMEY $20 gun upgrade

Range: 4 | Accuracy: 5 | Rate of fire: 5

New technology and a massive step forward from our standard blow back semi auto paintball guns. Reliable, better accuracy and fast shooting. Additionally add a sniper barrel to increase range and accuracy.

Eclipse EMEK $35 gun upgrade

Range: 5 | Accuracy: 6 | Rate of fire: 7

Much smoother action and courtesy of the PALs feeding system the EMEK’s firepower kicks in. Additionally add a sniper barrel to increase range and accuracy.

The most popular upgrade gun at the field.

Empire Axe2 $50 gun upgrade

Range: 7 | Accuracy: 7 | Rate of fire: 9

Electro Pneumatic magic, the Axe is the queen of the battlefield. Add a electro Hopper to max your firepower. Additionally add a sniper barrel to increase range and accuracy and own the battle.

Empire Defender-Aus $100 upgrade package

Range: 8 | Accuracy: 8 | Rate of fire: 10

This rad design moves the loader from off the top of the marker and places it within the stock of this bull-pup-style masterpiece. The Dfender-Aus. The shadow is reduced and never take a hit on your loader again. With the Dfender-Aus in your hands, you will dominate the field.