Skirmish Samford

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Skirmish Samford Battlefields


Skirmish Samford Best Battlefields

For the best skirmish/ paintball in Brisbane we offer an unbelievable paintball battle experience. With eight different large outdoor playing fields your experience at Skirmish Samford will be like no other in paintball.

On just one Skirmish Samford map we offer….....

Big themed battlefields with a 189 Square Meter Fort with 3 fighting levels and 6 Towers protected by interconnecting Interactive Mechatronic Battle Bunkers and The Iron Dome, surrounded by 43 meters of Tunnels, Barricades, Firing posts, Bunkers and a Grand slam Missile for good measure there is no other paintball battlefield like it.

Checkout the battlefields and view what’s on offer.

Fort Fight

paintball player advancing on the 3 layer fort
Fortified Combat Zone

Bridge Assault

paintball player walking across one of the massive bridges
Wilderness Combat Zone

Demolition Alley

3 paintball players firing from a bunker
Fortified Combat Zone

Lost Valley

2 paintball players stalking thru the bush
Wilderness Combat Zone


2 hit paintball player comming off the village field
Urban Combat Zone

Battle Bunker/Iron Dome

battle bunker covered in red paintball hits after it has been knocked out
A cutting edge new direction for paintball, exclusively at Skirmish Samford