Skirmish Samford

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Skirmish Samford Battlefields


Iron Dome & 2 x Battle Bunkers

Only Paintball field with these 3 structures.

Skirmish Samford has the next progression in paintball .

At Skirmish Samford your role is to defend the fort. You can do this either the old fashioned way of being in one of the towers which is pretty good. Or you can go through the protected tunnels and fight from one of the two battle bunkers. Your chance's of being hit are slim however the punishment you can deal out is high. If the window closes on you can make you way back up the high tunnels and go to a tower and continue to fight, there is nothing like it on the planet.

How to neutralise well you will have to come out and play. Let’s just say you will in a fight.

Come along and be a part of this great battle.

paintball players just knocked out the battle bunker close up of a battle bunker firing port window Iron dome blowing up